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Positioned at the nexus of innovative design and strategic real estate development, Reavis Hospitality exemplifies unparalleled excellence.

At Reavis Hospitality, we're at the forefront of revolutionizing and activating spaces through thoughtful interior design and curated amenities. We go beyond being a design team; we're storytellers who transform assets into experiences where consumers find lasting comfort and happiness. Our mission is to create places where people are proud to call 'home,' setting a new standard in the industry

Managing Director

Guided by the visionary Shlomo Silber, Co-Founder and CEO of Kodokan Group, the collective harnesses multifaceted expertise to pinpoint and navigate market complexities. In 2012, their design-focused ethos identified a market void, leading to the inception of Bond Collective — a premier co-working brand that marries the opulence of hospitality with the elegance of hotel design. With flagship sites gracing prominent cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago, Bond Collective stands as a testament to Reavis Hospitality's impact.

Embracing a philosophy grounded in design, strategy, and collaboration, Reavis Hospitality deftly merges architectural artistry with pragmatic space use, transforming assets into iconic brands. Central to their strategy is the activation of each space, optimizing it to both maximize the building brand and ensure efficient use, positioning buildings as premier assets in the real estate market. This design-centric approach benefits residents by offering aesthetically appealing, functional spaces while conferring a competitive edge to Reavis clients, enhancing property distinction, and bolstering investment yields.

Environments curated by Reavis Hospitality are products of thoughtful design amalgamation, seamlessly intertwining aesthetics and utility to amplify development value. By championing a team-oriented, design-driven strategy, Reavis Hospitality pledges to the flawless realization of spaces, ensuring each project embodies design brilliance while also crafting unforgettable experiences for its inhabitants. Their influence transcends mere construction, reshaping aesthetics, utility, and user experiences in a groundbreaking manner, thereby elevating the reputation and branding of the building as a premier asset in its locale.